Our Manifesto

We believe cooking is an act of love, not a chore.

We are true believers in the trilogy of flavoursome food, good friends, and a thoughtful life.

We believe that food should be made with the best possible ingredients, taste great and be simply put together. We believe quality food can be inexpensive, easy to make and intrinsically healthy.

We love natural Greek products, produced in small quantities by skilled artisans, following traditions passed down through centuries.

We follow the principles of the Mediterranean diet, where olive oil is king. Plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes combined with fish and lean meats. Each day celebrated over a glass of wine.

We are excited to highlight regional Greek produce and are focused in bringing the very best of Greece and its unique heritage to a wider audience.

We are genuinely motivated to source the finest Greek food for our customers in the UK and beyond, even if it involves climbing every Greek Mountainside! 

We believe in savouring life like a lemon, removing every last drop of juice. 

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Maria Nefeli

The Greek Lemon is the exclusive supplier of Maria Nefeli products in the UK. Focusing on quality and natural Greek ingredients, their product lines focuses on pulses, handmade pastas, wild herbs and herbal teas.